Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Around here ...

Picking the last of the crop


before clearing and topping up the bed.


Two nights away on camp. I ran into one of the pastors on Sunday and she had spent a chunk of Saturday with The Boy. The assessment: "He could talk the leg off a chair", which is pretty accurate when he gets on a roll. This is the return. One very tired boy, but he had a fabulous time with his mates.


Cooking Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies (thanks to Amy for pointing us in that direction). Plus The Exchange Student served us up Korean curry on Sunday night, so I got two nights in a row off cooking.


Writing. Due Saturday.


The most gorgeous autumn day for watching or running cross country, much better than the crazy wind on Friday for The Boy's. We have a least one more this year because The Little Girl qualified for the school team.


Testing whether regrowing really does work. The spring onions have been there about 5 days, the lettuce I put in today.


Making a big pot of chilli. The bonus is that there will be less to move when I clean the pantry out.


The majority of the weekend was spent ferrying kids around. Saturday night we were rostered on to host at Dinner Tonite but The Big Girl had to be dropped at a party at 6pm so we decided that I would go by myself. I wasn't feeling that enthusiastic, sometimes it can be a fairly difficult job, but the people at my table were very talkative and we had some good conversation, then three of us went into chapel ... and I didn't have a little group a people waiting at the door trying to hurry me up. The night turned into a real blessing for me, filling me up rather than draining me.

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Amy said...

I have not made those brownies for ages ... mmmmm, feeling hungry now!
How good is the weather this week? Camp sounds like it was a big success - we don't have camp until next year, school camp that is, we have had Cub camps.