Saturday, April 27, 2013

This week's links ...

1. The Boy sometimes needs a little help picking books, hopefully this will help - New books for children aged 9-12.

2. I did not know you could regrow Romaine lettuce hearts. I wonder if it really works?

3. It's that time of year when I need to pull out the summer garden to make way for the winter. I have a big basil plant so I'll probably try this method of preserving basil.

4. Because of our crazy schedule the slow cooker is going to getting a good workout. I tried the honey rosemary chicken in this post and it was good.

5. I also use this Korean pancake recipe to use up any leftovers in the fridge. Just cut up whatever you have in the fridge and replace for the veges in the recipe. (this will sound strange but first time I did this we had two chicken drumsticks, an eighth of a red onion, a small assortment of potato, broccoli, carrots and beans leftover from a meal of spanish chicken and it worked a treat)

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alexa said...

Really interesting links again and I m absolutely intrigued by the Romaine lettuce tip. I have one in the fridge and will be giving this a go!