Monday, April 29, 2013

Projects ...

there's was a few over the weekend. School projects ...


garden projects ...


 I have my own long list of projects I'm working on but my main priority this weekend was to get a dress for the Little Girl. She has her swimming presentation evening in two weeks and the dresscode is "Dress to Impress". She also has a least one other function where she'll need a dress this winter. She was not too keen on the idea of a dress but could see the necessity.

 First shop:

 "Too pink"

 "Too frilly"

 "Too lacy"

 "Too black"

 Next stop Pumpkin Patch


Curled lip.

Shrugged shoulders.

Sigh (that was from me)

"I like green"


It was a winner (and not quite as short as this on the Little Girl) and paired with her silver sandals and a black cardigan the Big Girl's just grown out of, it will be perfect. The bonus is that it is not too warm so if she wants to avoid another dress shopping expedition this year she could also wear it to her graduation in November.

Projects complete.

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alexa said...

Phew! Glad you have it sorted to the satisfaction of all :). Love your brief and witty retelling of the story! I remember similar things with my own DD over shoes ...