Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Monthly PL Process Part 5: Get those photos in.

I will generally arrange my photos and stories chronologically each month. I also have some double page layouts and regular layouts already completed so in order to make the month work for a photobook I use my rough draft to work out whether a particular group of photos need to fill an odd or even number of layouts. Once I've got this information I grab the photos that I'm going to put in ordinary PL layouts and quickly slot them into layouts, leaving some space for journalling or filler cards. I've found that concentrating on getting the photos in first then adding the journalling and other bits and pieces is the quickest way to get the layouts done.

Here are two layouts from February all waiting for me to add journalling or other bits and pieces.

 I also put in the photos that I've decided to showcase on their own page.

At this stage in my PL layouts folder in iphoto I'll have completed layouts for my four regular monthly pages, the full page photos (2 in Feb) and any other regular layouts I may have done (4 in Feb), plus my regular PL layouts that just need words (8 in Feb).

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