Monday, April 1, 2013

March ... that's a wrap

Looking back at this month's list  ...
1. House swimming sports for The Boy and the Little Girl, plus what is most likely the Little Girl's last major swim meet for the season. Completed successfully. The same day The Boy had his swimming sports the Big Girl had her crosscountry. I managed to watch both, with The Boy getting a first in his heat of the kick board race and the Big Girl coming in 5th for the year 7 and 8 race. She came home a few days later with a letter from the sport teacher congratulating her on making the school cross country team. She's not going to do it though because she has heel pain due to sever's disease and tries to avoid too much running so she can continue playing basketball.

2. The long weekend on 9-11th of March. We'll head down to the beach. Done

3. Cortisone injection in my shoulder followed by physiotherapy ... well I'm not looking forward to the injection but I am looking forward to seeing some improvement.  And there's been spectacular improvement, now I just have to strengthen and stretch to release the muscles in the back of my shoulder that are knotted up and were preventing the shoulder joint from moving properly.

4. Starting back at uni tomorrow. I've had three 4hr classes and my first paper is due the 20th April.

5. An afternoon at Puffing Billy with all the exchange students and their host families. Missed this due to the Big Girl's basketball grand final, but Becky went and we met them after for dinner.


The Big Girl came runners up in the final, plus she scored the coaches award the next day at the Club's end of season presentation.

6. Jetting off to Whistler for the Easter break. Yes

7. Revisit the internet blackout but starting with one day per week ... babysteps. -  Haven't done this.

Moving forward on my list ...

8. Put together my February PL pages and blog my process ... accountability helps sometimes.  - Getting there.

9. Start work on assessment tasks for uni ... I don't want to leave these until the last minute considering we are going to have two weeks overseas in the middle of semester.  - Still need to do this.

I also need to ...

10. Make some decisions about what to see on our trip. Done

11. Finish our taxes. Done

and each month I'd like to tackle one set of cupboards in the house ...

12. This month it's the laundry.  - Still doing this.

As you can see, some of my personal projects fell by the wayside this month. Last month I wrote that we were getting into a routine ... well March 1st I got a call from the Little Girl's swimming club to say she could move up to the state development squad which is an increase from 4.5hrs per week to 8.5hrs. I had to rejig some of the other activities to avoid the 5:30am starts but we were still working ourselves into some sort of routine. It makes life even busier but this was one of the Little Girl's big goals for the year and she has been working really hard towards it so I want to support her as much as I am able.

We also finally hung all the pictures in the Little Girl's bedroom ... they've only been propped up on the floor since last September. I wrapped up my team manager's duties with an end of season breakup at Firechief for the Big Girl's basketball team. We had a mainly music breakup which the Boy came to as well and we went out for Korean BBQ.


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