Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello April

This month I'm looking forward to ...

1. Another few days of this ...

2. A few days in China and Hong Kong on our way home, sight seeing plus meeting the people from work who I only know through email and skype and seeing our factory.

3. The start of term 2.

4. The Little Girl's swimming Club Championships.

5. The start of a new basketball season for the Big Girl.

6. Outdoor soccer for The Boy.

7. Piano exam for the Little Girl.

8. A night out with friends ... we do occasionally have a social life.

Moving forward on my list ...

9. I'm going to finish my February pages and finish my blog series that I started last month.

10. Hand in my first workshop paper for uni.

11. Have an easy hit of tennis, I've been given the all clear by the physio once I get back from holidays.   For now I just need to remember to do my exercises.

I also need to ...

12. Get a BCC taken off my neck.

13. Complete the two BAS returns.

13. And finish decluttering the laundry cupboards.

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