Monday, April 22, 2013

Autumn garden

We pulled out most of the summer garden the day after we arrived back from China. We left two of the tomato plants. They are covered with tomatoes but I'm not sure whether they'll ripen at this time of the year, although we are looking at possible 23 or 24 degree days later in the week. We let the kids use a small bit of the garden, but only The Boy had any success. I think we'll harvest this mini pumpkin in the next week.


The beans are still going strong, we got another meals worth out of them on the weekend.


And you would not believe how many of these little capsicums we have eaten this year and there are still plenty more. The Little Girl takes them whole in her lunch. I'll definitely be looking to add these to my list of must plant. Zero maintenance after planting and still providing a steady stream of produce is a winner in my book. 


and I'm still not sure what to do with these (if anything) this year.


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alexa said...

Lovely to see hat grows in other parts of the wold at this time of year! Your photos are wonderfully clear.