Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Monthly PL Process Part 4: A Rough Plan

This is where I run through all my raw data (photos, calendar, One Day and my blog) and do a list in Evernote of all the stories I want to include in our PL for the month.

The Boy's first day of school
Exchange arrival and District Sprint Champs - journalling only
Perfect Sunday afternoon
Getting back into routine first week - shoe shopping, girls at school, mainly music, swimming
Lazyish Saturday 
Surrey Park SC
Korean New Year - 1 page spread
Picnic at hanging rock - 1 page spread
Garden + 1 large photo of veges
District School Swimming 
5 of us sequence 
Sunday - Relaxing, backyard cricket and more Korean
Leaders induction - 1 page spread
Look Up/ Look Down - 1 page spread
The weekend - Twilight, swimming, party + underwater photo on one page
Rainy day - Canberra, swimming sports and ultrasound

I love big photos in my photo books so I picked a couple of photos that I want to showcase for the month. I'll fill a single page each with these and add some text on top. For February it was a photo of the kids swimming underwater and veges from the garden. I've highlighted them in green as well as the stories that I want to take a whole page in our album. 

With this plan in place I can get started on putting together the pages.

Up Next: Get those photos in.

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