Friday, March 15, 2013

My Monthly PL Proces Part 2: Supplies

One of the advantages to PL is it's simplicity as compared to doing individual style layouts. When I scrapbook I usually find deciding on the design and choosing what supplies to use takes up a majority of my time. The PL system takes care of a lot of the design decisions and by selecting ahead of time a limited number of supplies I'm going to use, I cut down the overall time it takes me to complete the pages.

The Design:

Last year I used the standard rounded corner templates by Becky Higgins and a grey background paper on all my layouts. This year I've decided to keep my photos squared off and to use a white background. This is a little bit more work to start with as I'm making my own templates, but once I've got a mix of templates to accommodate different combinations of photos putting the pages together will be quick.

Text and Titles:

Once again I'm keeping my choices to a minimum. For most of my text and titles I will use variations on Helvitica which comes standard with PSE in a variety of weights and styles. I will also use Aovel Sans Rounded which is similar to Rounded Helvitica which did not come with PSE. For a little whimsy I'll include some Dooodelista and that is pretty much it for fonts.


I won a voucher at TLP in their January challenges and picked up Date me all Year Round, a set of vellum date tabs by Pink Reptile Design.


Each month I'll pick a colour scheme. In February I chose the colours in Oh Dearie by Paislee Press and ran quickly through my digital stash to pick out some other papers in this colour scheme and dropped them in a folder in iphoto for quick access.

Calendar Cards:

2013 Calendar Journalling Cards by Paislee Press. I've altered these slightly and am using them on the first page of each month.


Journalling cards - I have a collection of these that I can make use of.

Next up: Pages that I'll be including every month.


Amy said...

I usung a few similar supplies Melissa - the calendar cards and I too made my own templates as I didn't want rounded corners. I really wish I made the templates with a margin now - I think my book is going to look very crowded.

How are you finding the monthly format? Are you scrapping other pages?

alexa said...

I'm really enjoying this series and seeing how you are doing it digitally. Always good to adapt things!