Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello March

March? Already?

This month I'm looking forward to ...

1. House swimming sports for The Boy and the Little Girl, plus what is most likely the Little Girl's last major swim meet for the season.

2. The long weekend on 9-11th of March. We'll head down to the beach.

3. Cortisone injection in my shoulder followed by physiotherapy ... well I'm not looking forward to the injection but I am looking forward to seeing some improvement.

4. Starting back at uni tomorrow.

5. An afternoon at Puffing Billy with all the exchange students and their host families.

6. Jetting off to Whistler for the Easter break.

7. Revisit the internet blackout but starting with one day per week ... babysteps.

Moving forward on my list ...

8. Put together my February PL pages and blog my process ... accountability helps sometimes.

9. Start work on assessment tasks for uni ... I don't want to leave these until the last minute considering we are going to have two weeks overseas in the middle of semester.

I also need to ...

10. Make some decisions about what to see on our trip

11. Finish our taxes

and each month I'd like to tackle one set of cupboards in the house ...

12. This month it's the laundry.

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