Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Monthly PL Process Part 4: A Rough Plan

This is where I run through all my raw data (photos, calendar, One Day and my blog) and do a list in Evernote of all the stories I want to include in our PL for the month.

The Boy's first day of school
Exchange arrival and District Sprint Champs - journalling only
Perfect Sunday afternoon
Getting back into routine first week - shoe shopping, girls at school, mainly music, swimming
Lazyish Saturday 
Surrey Park SC
Korean New Year - 1 page spread
Picnic at hanging rock - 1 page spread
Garden + 1 large photo of veges
District School Swimming 
5 of us sequence 
Sunday - Relaxing, backyard cricket and more Korean
Leaders induction - 1 page spread
Look Up/ Look Down - 1 page spread
The weekend - Twilight, swimming, party + underwater photo on one page
Rainy day - Canberra, swimming sports and ultrasound

I love big photos in my photo books so I picked a couple of photos that I want to showcase for the month. I'll fill a single page each with these and add some text on top. For February it was a photo of the kids swimming underwater and veges from the garden. I've highlighted them in green as well as the stories that I want to take a whole page in our album. 

With this plan in place I can get started on putting together the pages.

Up Next: Get those photos in.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Monthly PL Process: Regular Monthly Pages

Each month I include in my PL book my ongoing projects. For these pages the design will remain the same all year, and I'll just vary the colours. The first page of each month features a calendar and the Five of Us shot for that month.

In January, one of the daily challenges at TLP was to do a day in the life page. I was really happy with the resulting page and it adds a bit of the daily details to our album so I've decided to do one day each month. I'll use the same format each month with black and white photos, big title, vellum date and timeline journalling. 

I'll finish each month with my Month in Numbers page.

Supplies used on these pages: BG paper from Jubilee by One Little Bird
Calendar Card by Paislee Press
Vellum Date by Pink Reptile Designs
Staple from For the Record by Paislee Press and One Little Bird

I find having these regular pages helps give some structure to the months layouts and means I'm not starting the month from a completely blank slate.

Up next: A Rough Plan

Friday, March 15, 2013

My Monthly PL Proces Part 2: Supplies

One of the advantages to PL is it's simplicity as compared to doing individual style layouts. When I scrapbook I usually find deciding on the design and choosing what supplies to use takes up a majority of my time. The PL system takes care of a lot of the design decisions and by selecting ahead of time a limited number of supplies I'm going to use, I cut down the overall time it takes me to complete the pages.

The Design:

Last year I used the standard rounded corner templates by Becky Higgins and a grey background paper on all my layouts. This year I've decided to keep my photos squared off and to use a white background. This is a little bit more work to start with as I'm making my own templates, but once I've got a mix of templates to accommodate different combinations of photos putting the pages together will be quick.

Text and Titles:

Once again I'm keeping my choices to a minimum. For most of my text and titles I will use variations on Helvitica which comes standard with PSE in a variety of weights and styles. I will also use Aovel Sans Rounded which is similar to Rounded Helvitica which did not come with PSE. For a little whimsy I'll include some Dooodelista and that is pretty much it for fonts.


I won a voucher at TLP in their January challenges and picked up Date me all Year Round, a set of vellum date tabs by Pink Reptile Design.


Each month I'll pick a colour scheme. In February I chose the colours in Oh Dearie by Paislee Press and ran quickly through my digital stash to pick out some other papers in this colour scheme and dropped them in a folder in iphoto for quick access.

Calendar Cards:

2013 Calendar Journalling Cards by Paislee Press. I've altered these slightly and am using them on the first page of each month.


Journalling cards - I have a collection of these that I can make use of.

Next up: Pages that I'll be including every month.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A long weekend ...

Early morning walk.
A trip back to Monash Aquatic Centre for Hubby and the Little Girl.
Three PB.'s and a B bronze medal.
Boogie boarding.

Rockpools at low tide. 


Iced chocolates.
Beach walks.


Making the most of the unseasonably long stretch of 30+ degree days.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

This week's links ...

I'm sitting here, down at the beach house, eating cheese and drinking wine, after a long day of classes, driving down to the beach and shopping for food for the weekend. Needless to say I am looking forward to the rest of our long weekend. In other news I'm hoping that my shoulder joint will soon stop squelching due to the shot of cortisone that was injected into it on Thursday afternoon.

In the meantime here are some links ...

1. I get a fairly regular chuckle out of the doghouse diaries and this made me laugh after some irritating moments in the middle of a tiring day week month:

2. These mushrooms are easy and so good, especially if you happen to have a bottle of white wine in the fridge. We've had them a couple of times in the last two weeks. It helps that the exchange student now makes three people that eat mushrooms.

6. Type in a location to generate a map in 6 different styles. Would be good for adding to travel albums or to include a map of your neighbourhood.

7. We will not be decorating eggs this easter (at some stage you have to make a realistic assessment of what you can fit into the time available) but if you think you might, check out the 100+ ideas in this list.

8. I'm still working on not feeling guilty about stupid things, recognising that there are rhythyms to life and sometimes we really do have to drop some things in favour of others, if you are too go read this.

Have a lovely weekend, the kids have had the dinner now and I'm going to make Hubby and I some spaghetti carbonara (the full fat kind) ...

Friday, March 8, 2013

My Monthly PL Process Part 1: The Raw Data

This year I decided to do my Project Life in a monthly format and I figured there might be some of you that would find it helpful to know how I'm tackling it so as I work through my layouts for February I'll also blog what I'm doing. First up is the raw data - photos and words.

Obviously you need some photos, so I try, over the month, to get a good mixture of event photos and everyday photos using both my DLSR and iphone. I upload these to my computer every few days. This is when I try to cull and edit. I edit in radlab, at this stage I don't usually use any of the special filters, concentrating on getting the levels right, sharpening and any colour correction. Since I usually do some editing on all the photos I plan to keep I also cull fairly heavily, keeping just enough photos to tell the stories I want to tell. The edited photos then go in an album containing the months photos. I also upload them to my smugmug account as an online backup and for photo sharing with friends and family.

At the end of the month I make sure all the photos for the month are edited and uploaded. In February I ended up with 111 photos.

So that takes care of the photos, but what about the words? If you're doing PL weekly the words are a bit easier because you're hopefully doing the layouts fairly soon after the events occurred, although I think with a weekly most people would fall behind at some stage so it is good to have something to refer back to. I'm still completing my layouts from last year using a combination of the photos, blog posts and my calendar to job my memory of what we did each week. What I really love to include are thoughts from the actual day and so this year I'm also using Day One on my iphone. I received a voucher for itunes for Christmas and this was the first thing I bought. You could really use anything, a notebook, the notes on your phone but I like this for a number of reasons, not least of which is that it looks good. It's no surprise that a lot of us are more likely to use something that is visually pleasing ...

The other good thing is that the entries can be words, photos or a combination of both and you can include to use weather and location services. I also have camera+ which you can use from within the Day One app itself. The majority of times when I am taking a photo with my iphone I will take it from within the Day One app using camera+ because I can easily add words right then if I want to and later I can view all the information like, weather, location, date and time easily on one screen.

At the end of the month, when I come to putting together my pages I have four sources of information that I check:
  • My monthly album in iphoto containing all the photos from that month.
  • A timeline view of my month in Day One with extra words that I've written plus dates, locations and weather.
  • My google calendar.
  • My blog posts.
Feel free to leave any ideas comments or questions in the comments.

Next up: supplies

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My month in Numbers: February

Once again, pop on over to the lovely lady, Julie, the originator of My Month in Numbers and check out  more monthly numbers.

Here are ours:

I think the aeroplane may be a permanent fixture this year. :(

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello March

March? Already?

This month I'm looking forward to ...

1. House swimming sports for The Boy and the Little Girl, plus what is most likely the Little Girl's last major swim meet for the season.

2. The long weekend on 9-11th of March. We'll head down to the beach.

3. Cortisone injection in my shoulder followed by physiotherapy ... well I'm not looking forward to the injection but I am looking forward to seeing some improvement.

4. Starting back at uni tomorrow.

5. An afternoon at Puffing Billy with all the exchange students and their host families.

6. Jetting off to Whistler for the Easter break.

7. Revisit the internet blackout but starting with one day per week ... babysteps.

Moving forward on my list ...

8. Put together my February PL pages and blog my process ... accountability helps sometimes.

9. Start work on assessment tasks for uni ... I don't want to leave these until the last minute considering we are going to have two weeks overseas in the middle of semester.

I also need to ...

10. Make some decisions about what to see on our trip

11. Finish our taxes

and each month I'd like to tackle one set of cupboards in the house ...

12. This month it's the laundry.