Thursday, February 28, 2013

February ... it's a wrap.


1. I expect to be settling the kids into school, including our exchange student who we picked up from the airport bright and early this morning. Done, although it has been a bit of a slog and there was one week that looked like we might not make it, but I think I'm almost into some kind of groove.

2. Attending lots of school information sessions and other school functions ... I didn't think about the extra lot when we signed on for the exchange. Done. I only skipped out on two out of five parent information sessions because of clashes and have had one on one meetings with each of the kids teachers.

3. Attending swim meets. There are three in February for the Little Girl. One was this morning so Hubby looked after that. Done. She had three meets with her club and the school district competition. Last week's meet was particularly successful, with PB's in all four strokes, she also came out of the school swimming with a third ribbon for her part in the freestyle relay team.

4. Resting my arm. I have tendontitis and need to rest for a couple of weeks, hopefully it heals quickly but I won't be playing tennis. I did rest it but an ultrasound on Tuesday this week confirmed I have a small tear so I'll be heading off to the physio.

5. This month I am trying an experiment in having an internet blackout from 9pm-9am. - I was very bad at this and only probably succeeded half of the time. 

Moving forward on my list I want to ...

6. Finish December 2012 PL layouts. Done.

7. Do the January 2013 PL layouts. No, I've got six pages done but it's a tough month. After editing and deleting I still ended with 152 photos.

8. Talk to the kids about their goals. Done, and I've been able to encourage them on their first steps towards meeting them this month.

9. Keep going with the Roman's Project. I'm up to 20 verse memorised.

10. Work on my bread making. We've eaten homemade bread maybe 50% of the time this month. Unfortunately, after some early positive feedback, The Boy has decided my bread is disgusting (his exact words) and won't eat it but the exchange student and the Little Girl prefer the homemade.

I also need to ...

11. Set up my command central now that we have converted our study to a guest bedroom for the year. We moved all our stuff out of that room but it's spread out around the house now and not very well organised. I saw this wall mounted magazine rack at IKEA and got Hubby to put it up. It's perfect for storing the papers that I want to have easy access to.

 I also cleaned off the desk and sorted through one box of office supplies. I've kept a minimum on the desk and have a box about 10m away in the laundry for all the other extras that I still need easy access to like envelopes, stamps, specialty markers, stapler, hole punch etc.

12. Start planning what we to see in China when we go at the end of March. I've collected some information but need to make some decisions about what to see. Hubby booked our accommodation for Shanghai and Hangzhou this week.

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