Saturday, January 19, 2013

This week's links ...

1. Winter PL Cards

2. Really cool printable calendar

3. For those of you who are handy or have a Mr. Handy an outdoor sectional.

4. For those of you who like your DIY to require a little less exertion what about OK string art.

5. We went berry picking down at Gentle Annie's yesterday ...

and picked 3.7kg of berries which we turned into jam. Blackberries and silvan berries. I'd never heard of silvan berries but they were yummy ... a bit like a raspberry.

 Here's an article on growing your own berries.

6. We also picked strawberries and I made strawberry summer cake.

7. Also New Year's Eve I made this rice noodle salad with asian BBQ prawns - YUM!


alexa said...

Gosh, that string art is spectacular!

A-M said...

Melissa, I came across a link to your blog from an "old" thread over at Nuts 4 Digi.
I have just had a lovely time browsing a few of your postings here. Your family is growing up fast. I now have 3 beautiful granddaughters whose family has just moved to Byron Bay.
I still do a lot of digi and have just joined the CT at N4D which was my desire from when I first joined there way back in 2008 - my first digi forum. I left N4D for a time but returned as I am still friends with Deb ( canpeg ). I dabble in designing and take part in two blog trains with that. Also use my digital art for a Hymn Scripture Challenge.
Better end off.... God Bless