Monday, January 28, 2013

The Five of Us :: 1

Two days before Christmas last year I was putting together our yearly slideshow to email out to friends and family (I gave up on actual Christmas cards a couple of years ago) and I realised there was hardly any photos of the five of us together. I did intentionally hand over the camera at times to Hubby or one of the kids and get them to get a specific shot with me in it but I think I may have only done it once or twice all year to someone else so we could all be in the shot. In the one photo with just the five of us The Little Girl has her eyes shut. I was so disappointed because apart from that it was a good shot.

I really want photos of the five of us so this year I'm embarking on a mission to get one photo per month of the five of us together. Tara Whitney did a similar project a few years ago. In January I got my sister to take the photo on the pier at Pt Lonsdale while we were out for a walk one Saturday afternoon.


Do you manage to get many photos with the whole family? Any tricks or tips?


Amy said...

I hold my arm out and hope for the best. I am seriously considering a remote shutter release this year - five is harder to capture than four.
Good luck for the return to school - the alarm is going to come all too soon!

alexa said...

Ah, lovely photo! Nab a passerby at every opportunity, buy a remote control, refuse to feed anyone till a satisfactory photo has been taken, and try bribery as a last resort :).