Monday, January 7, 2013

In January ...

I expect to be ...

1. Watching Nippers


2. Spending time with my sister who's visiting from Singapore.

3. Going to a couple of sessions of the Australian Open.

I plan to move forward on my list by ...

4. Beginning the Romans Project. Two years ago I started the church bible reading plan (although I'm having to do my own thing while I wait for this year's to be posted), last year I counted 1000 gifts and this year I'm going to continue with these get serious about bible memorisation.

The Romans Project - Bible Memory Group

5. Go on a date night (done with a lovely dinner at Oakdene Winery)

6. Talk to the kids about their expectations for the coming year.

7. Read books.

8. Finish my December PL layouts.

9. Work out exactly what I'm going to do for our family album this year.

10. Enrol in my subjects for this year and put all the dates in my calendar.

I also need to ...

11. Set up the study as a guest room ready for the exchange student that is expected at our house on the first weekend in February.

12. Start getting our financials up to date. 

13. Get the kids ready for school.


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