Saturday, December 1, 2012

This week's links ...

1. December photo challenge @ iheartfaces

2. Free Christmas sheet music for piano. (Have to show my kids this)

3. DIY Christmas Crackers. The is year we are hosting Christmas lunch so I might try this depending on how the month is going. Although I probably should choose a theme for the table first. Red, green and white is probably the most sensible choice as it will match our advent calendar which is in the meals area. Our tree is in the front room and although it began looking beautiful with shades of blue, purple, pink and gold in it's first year of life it is now a riot of colour as each year handmade and gifted decorations have been added to our collection. Hubby was home and helping with the tree for the first time in quite a few years and he opened the box of decorations and asked what colours we were using. I laughed, shrugged and said "Just put it all on".

4. The Boy helped me cook this Korean Beef recipe. We added in some broccoli and carrots just to boost the vegetable count. A really and easy recipe.

5. I also added another good recipe to my slow cooker repertoire - Chicken Tikka Masala

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