Friday, December 7, 2012

This week ...

I insisted we pull out the tree before lunch last Saturday because I knew if we didn't it probably wouldn't be up on the 1st.

 The kids were positive the tree used to be taller. The Big Girl especially has grown this year.

  We also put out the nativity scene ...

and filled the socks with ornaments for the Jesse tree and some lollies and hung them for our advent calendar.


Luckily we did put the tree up in the morning because after lunch the kids had a long swim in the pool before we went out to the Big Girl's basketball game ... a nail biting game where they drew 18 all with her team scoring a goal in the final 10s. The rest of the week has been filled with end of the year activities, a picnic in the park for the Little Girl's year level, Presentation night for the girls at the Melbourne town hall. The Little Girl practiced her quick changes with string orchestra, the year 5 dance and choir in quick succession at the beginning of the night. Amazingly the night finished 5mins before the advertised finishing time of 10pm. Of course then we had to get out of the city ... we had quite a bit of time to admire the Christmas lights on Flinders St station.

 The girls finished school for the year on Tuesday. Thursday The Boy celebrated the last day of the kitchen garden program, cooking food from the garden for the cafe, entirely staffed by the kids and feeding the parents and selected teachers. Yum!! In all the activity, I also turned another year older and scored a shopping trip with my mum to update the wardrobe.

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