Friday, November 2, 2012

This week's links ...

1. A free template from Donna.

2. Gorgeous justb flipbook.

3. Love these year in review infographics ... here, here, here, here and another here. (via Jessica Turner)

4. We made this yummy chicken and Amy's risotto. Last night I made the leftover risotto in to arancini.

5. How cool are these pinstagram calendars?

6. Free printable calendar cards.

7. DIY Christmas Tree

8. Saved Together  "The question Newbigin forces upon us is, I think, this: do we have the graciousness and humility to accept a salvation that is mediated through other sinful, broken, human beings and which comes to us via a long historical process?"


Amy said...

The year in review graphics are very cute, I need to have a closer look to see if I can make them myself ... might be too hard for this PS novice!

How did the risotto go? I have a new recipe to share - had very surprising results for the youngest member of the house - she liked it!

alexa said...

Lots of lovely things here - that year in review and the Instagram calendar caught my eye in particular!