Monday, November 12, 2012

The one where we were almost too ambitious ...

but first there were things done, places gone ... like the Little Girl to swimming at 7:30am on Saturday. She comes home looking for food so I offered her mango and we lured the Big Girl out of bed with it.

About six weeks ago we borrowed the Lego Ideas Book from the library. Giddyup ...

 or fly away as the mood takes you.
He says there's no way he's cutting his hair. It's ready for snow boarding ... next Easter.
Hubby went to work digging the pump into the bottom of the hole and burying the pipe and power cord.
Our window for planting so we get some summer vegetables was rapidly diminishing so my job was to do something with the garden. The kids are taking part of the garden to grow whatever they like. The Boy planted his out first.
The best part was building the support to corral his mini pumpkin.
Before I could plant I had to clean out some of the winter vegetables that were on their last legs.
I didn't want to waste it so I decided to try the recipe for kale chips I'd seen. While I was looking for that recipe I came across this one which would solve the rainbow chard issue. But more than kale chips and gozleme would be required for dinner. Some meat. Some more vegetables. A free mini slurpie ...
Maybe not. We needed some ingredients form the supermarket and I had a voucher for the Happy 7-eleven day so the kids picked their slurpies up while we were down there. By a happy coincidence the 7-eleven is opposite the supermarket that is walking distance from our house. The Little Girl and I came back and spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen.
At one stage I thought we weren't going to pull it off but ...
The final menu for our middle eastern feast:

  • Kale chips. An unusual taste. Disgusting was The Boy's verdict, the Big Girl concurred, the rest of us were fairly ambivalent.
  • Olive Oil Crackers. These were good but the recipe makes a lot and we cooked one round of dough at a time which took a lot of time. I would like to try freezing the dough, then whenever you needed some crackers you could pull out a round or two and cook it. 
  • Carrot and cumin dip. A winner.
  • Smashed broad bean dip. Fresh broad beans from the garden cooked. Smashed with some lemon zest and olive oil. I could eat this everyday ... oh wait, I have eaten it everyday since Saturday.
  • Tomato, cucumber, mint and red onion salad. Self explanatory, just add a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.
  • Gozleme. I made 1 rainbow chard and fetta and 3 spiced lamb. I made the lamb using this recipe
  • Honey-spiced Oranges with icecream. These were a hit except for The Boy.
There was just enough leftover for dinner last night, which was fortunate since we were out from 8:45am to 6pm. Church, birthday present shopping, birthday party, swim meet (with a trip out to drop Big Girl at small group), pickup Big Girl from church and home. The Little Girl knocked 9s off her 50m butterfly time and got a PB in her 50m freestyle and backstroke. She missed her PB in the 50m breaststroke by 0.01s.

I finished planting the vegetables today.

We got a little side tracked.

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alexa said...

Those photos of your boy are just stunning ... Enjoyed reading about your food experiments and off to follow the links :).