Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

This week's links ...

I have some cute recycling DIYs this week ...

1. DIY Apothecary Jars using your normal, everyday old jars.

2. Giftboxes, notebooks and pencil cases from cereal boxes.

3. Cereal box desk drawer organisers.

We also cooked this week ...

4. I am trying to eat down our pantry, fridge and freezer. We had some buttermilk and I had some frozen blueberries which were calling to be made into muffins of course. I used this recipe but I would recommend making sure your berries are completely thawed otherwise the melted butter solidifies. They tasted great but it all got quite messy and the finished product was a bit rough and ready, they'd have been fine with room temperature berries.

5. My parsley is out of control, hanging over my chives and oregano and I got a lemon in our box from CERES so I made Saffron Chicken with lemon and parsley. It was good and the kids liked it too.

Also ...

6. If you have kids that are into superheroes you must check out the Hall of Fame font. It has lots of super hero logos which you could use for all sorts of fun projects. (via Sugar Tot Designs, click over and you can check out what they did with it.)

7. A good series of short articles on the historicity of the gospels:

Monday, October 8, 2012

First Week of Fourth Term


Hello Sub 20 degree temperatures. We turned the solar heating on the pool on last Thursday and the water got up to 25 degrees so the kids got their first swim of the season. The heatings off again now that we are back to winter weather again. Thursday is forecast to be 13 ... brrr!

Hello last term of the school year which is always really busy.

Hello change of schedule. All the kids activities except The Boy and Little Girl's tennis on Friday afternoon are changed this term. The Little Girl has gone up to intermediate squad and is now doing two 1.5hr and one 1 hour swimming squad sessions a week but soccer is finished. The Big Girl starts a new basketball season as well. She's moved up from Div 7 to Div 4 and is now playing with a couple of friends from school. Looking at the schedule I think this term will be a bit easier than last term. 

Hello violin shop. The Little Girl broke her violin string tonight so I need to go early tomorrow morning and see if they can fix it before her rehearsal tomorrow afternoon. She'll have to go to the practice anyway because we are supposed to take her friend home with us after the practice. Luckily it's the first rehearsal of three.

Hello Birthday Party. Now the holidays are finished we're having the Little Girl's birthday party. Seven girls on Saturday afternoon. Hubby flies in from China in the morning so we're praying there's no hold ups.

Hello 1000th blog post. This is it.

Hello Monday Inspired by Amy, originating here.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

This week's links ...

1. The kids made these chocolate chip cookies this week. They were good but not better than our trusty recipe which I'll have to share with you sometime. We've been making it for years. I also made Mongolian Beef but it was too sweet maybe a half or less of the sugar?

2. October is collection month for Samaritan's Shoeboxes. This is a good one to do with kids. Hubby didn't quite get around to taking the kids out to fill theirs today as planned but it will be happening sometime in the next week or so.

3. So I fell off the 12 on 12 band wagon and I don't intend to hop back on but it really is great to sometimes have the ordinary bits and pieces form one day. Ann has produced a great little template for capturing her 12 on 12 but it would be good started for an easy 1 day project as well.

4. Lots of new Free project life cards on Becky Higgins site this week.

5. OK, it's a little down the track for us, and I'm sure I'll have forgotten by then, but wouldn't your family's very own cookbook be a great gift to send with your child when they leave home.