Monday, September 24, 2012

We're having bursts of beautiful weather here ...

and on Saturday afternoon I sent everyone outside, including myself. While Hubby painted the fence, we, in various combinations and locations, played cards, started tutorial papers, made T-rex's and read books.

Hello Spring and your wildly fluctuating weather. It's cold here again.

Hello two kids at home. I dropped The Big Girl off at the bus for youth group camp this morning. She'll be away all week.

Hello occasional sleep ins. The Little Girl is not going to do every day of the holiday swimming which starts at 8am. 

Hello eleven year old ... not quite, but later this week the Little Girl turns eleven. We went this afternoon and picked part of her birthday present which was a new doona cover.

Hello more plants. Hubby is hoping to take a day off work this week so we can go out to the nursery and get another load of plants. I have managed to plan some more sections of the garden, so we're not heading out blind.

Hello Grand Final week ... Hubby is off doing various footy related socialising this week and we will all go to our friends' place on Saturday for the grand final BBQ.

Hello family get togethers. Apart from Little girl's birthday we will also celebrate two of her cousins birthdays.

Hello Monday Inspired by Amy, originating here.

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alexa said...

Love the variety of perspective in your photos - great family-messing-around-together shots. Hope your week has more sunshine than anything else. :)