Saturday, September 1, 2012

This week's links ...

You may be expecting the study reveal today but that would disrupt the normal programming around here. I'm pretty happy with what I got done, and later today I will take some photos to share early next week. I unpacked quite a few boxes which were stacked neatly in the corner and The Boy got in there on Thursday morning before school and did some making. Making around here usually involves lots of tiny pieces of cardboard offcuts left spread everywhere, so this afternoon he will clean it up and we'll need to vacuum the floor again. After that I'll take the photos.

I forgot to post some the links to some new recipes we tried while we were on our tech fast. They are out of a real life cookbook (since I was not allowed the computer) but I found the recipes on the net as well so I thought I'd link you up ...

1. Special Chicken Stew. This was good. I used chicken lovely legs.

2. Baked chocolate pudding. These were very rich. The Little Girl couldn't even finish hers which is unheard of. His method for getting the gooey centre is genius.

3. A guide to properly washing and storing vegetables.

4. Love this DIY wall organiser.

5. The Grand Inquisitor. "Let us not forget the radical humility and powerlessness of the Jesus we follow, and emulate it ourselves."

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Amy said...

Karen Martini has a recipe that is almost idential to the JO chicken one - we make it often and it is popular. The choc recipe does look richly decadent and I also really like the blog that had the washing and storing vegies article - beautiful things there.