Friday, September 28, 2012

The one where we plant a garden and the Little Girl turns 11.

It was a big day Tuesday. This was the view of the front garden after lunch, plants laid out and tanbark delivered. We'd spent the morning picking out plants at the wholesale nursery.


Hubby dug holes while I did planting and spreading a lot of the mulch.


It was a big day, but since then, every time I drive in the driveway I think to myself "Gee that looks good". I took a while picking everything but I'm so happy with the way it all looks together now that it's planted. I had an idea a what I wanted but seeing it all come together was a relief.


Hubby made a fabulous pancake cake for the Little Girl's birthday ... although it was a different "best pancake recipe". There must be a few floating round the internet.


We were missing the Big Girl on the day because she was at youth group camp this week. The Little Girl decided to postpone her special dinner to tonight so the Big Girl could be there.


 This morning the two kids and I went and had our immunisations for China. We all needed two injections and there was no hysteria. The Boy felt a little sick afterwards and looked a little green but he sat down while I paid and soon got his colour back. The Boy was quite put out with me, apparently he'd planned on a happy day today and I'd ruined it with those needles. The Little Girl, as usual didn't flinch and jumped up straight afterwards without any ill effects announcing that she would still be having a good day. I think she has a fairly high pain threshold.

For her birthday dinner she decided on chicken schnitzels and caramel cake for dessert. She loves to cook so she helped me, even though it was her birthday dinner. The Boy helped make the cake.


The Big Girl is back full of stories of all the fun things they did, how disgusting boys are and requesting my help with encouraging her in her daily bible reading. We've sent her off for an early night tonight but I'm expecting the weekend will be a major downer for her, getting over the lack of sleep, sugar high and fairly constant stimulation of the last week.

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alexa said...

Lovely to share in some of things which have been happening in your family. Your garden looks great: always a relief when we see the end point of something we've been planning! Your photo of your young ones looking at the card is lovely - and congratulations to the birthday girl! Your final comment made me smile - been there!