Monday, September 17, 2012

The first week of the school holidays.

The girls had a successful sporting weekend. The Big Girl won her basketball grand final 36-11, scoring 6 points. Fortunately they have the presentations straight after the game so I got to see her pickup one trophy but I missed her club presentation where she won a most improved award because I was out with the Little Girl at a swim meet. She managed three PB's, her backstroke improved by 3s on her previous week's swim. Butterfly is still her nemesis.


It's the first week of the school holidays in our house but swimming and tennis are still running. So ...

Hello wardrobe restock ... change of seasons means it's time to sort through the wardrobes, make a list and hit the shops. I know that Sara needs new bathers as her old ones split all the way down both sides at training a couple of weeks ago, luckily they were lined and the lining held. She's been borrowing the Big Girl's since then.

Hello playdates. One planned for Wednesday for The Boy and one for Friday for the Little Girl. I said if the Big Girl wants to see her friends over the holidays she'll have to organise it herself.

Hello vaccinations. The Big Girl has her final gardasil and we need to start the vaccinations for our trip to China.

Hello birthday party planning, for the Little Girl, at least invitations will need to be sent.

Hello library. I need to go into uni tomorrow and return books and borrow some for the tutorial paper I need to prepare over the holidays. On a more fun note I'll also take the kids to the local library.

Hello kitchen ... OK, we spend a bit of time in the kitchen anyway but I usually save the more complicated, time consuming recipes for over the holidays.

Hello helpers. The kids are allowed more technology time during the holidays but they have to earn it with extra "help your mother's".

Hello decorating. It's the Little Girl's turn to do up her room for her birthday.

Hello calls to the US. That's where Hubby is this week.

Hello Monday. Inspired by Amy, originating here.

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Amy said...

Earning technology time is a very good strategy. We need to wardrobe restock too - they are growing like weeds!
Hope the week is going well.