Monday, September 10, 2012

On the last week of term three ...


Hello Hubby. We celebrated Father's Day yesterday because he was away last week. Although it's hello and goodbye ... he's off again this Sunday.

Hello calendar clash. Three kids in three different venues on Sunday afternoon and only one of me. The Little girl has the second week of her aggregate swim meet, The Boy has Kidschurch Social (Little Girl is missing this) and The Big Girl has her basketball presentation afternoon.

Hello Editing, I'm at that stage of writing my two papers that are due this Friday and at only 1000 words each there will be a bit to do.

Hello Holidays, starting this Thursday for the girls and Friday for The Boy.

Hello Basketball Grand Final. Against the odds The Big Girl's team is in the Grand Final after finishing 4th at the end of the season. Last Saturday they played a team that had thrashed them both times they played but this time the Big Girl's team won 17-5.

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