Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'll count this as done ...

for now. We will be fitting this out later into a guest room and study, which will solve some of the storage issues. You may remember the mess ... most of that is gone now. When I began there were two rows of boxes, one along the wall and one down the middle of the room. I went through all those and put away or got rid of most of it. There are the pictures left, which will wait until we make some decisions about where they will go ... we don't want to go round nailing things into the walls willy nilly.

A lot of the boxes had books in them so I unpacked all them and either stacked them on the shelf or sent them to the salvos. I had to double stack the books to fit them all on the shelf but since it's a temporary measure I'm not too fussed. The boxes are photos and memorabilia, one for each of us. I need to pick up some more albums so I can file away the kids stuff. Then I'll tackle our old photos.


This is the desk. At the top right are inboxes for Hubby and I, (guess whose is on top?). Then next to that are the files I'm currently using and the pile of books for the two papers I'm writing at the moment. Below, the black folders are the kids current albums, plus there's an older one for the Big Girl because her current one only started in the middle of last year.  Each one will hold three years worth of their stuff. I put all the memorabilia for these albums in as I sorted through all the boxes. Next to that is a box of stationary supplies which I probably need to sort through.


Right now I'm sitting at my desk typing this post ... it's always a plus when you can do work at your desk.

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Amy said...

I was going to ask you about memorabilia and general stuff kids have that comes home from school. Are they WRMK albums? That's a really good idea, I was thinking of platic tubs with a file system set up within the tub, but, you know, the albums could work a whole lot better. Food for thought.
Study looks great too!