Saturday, August 25, 2012

This week's links ...

1. Great websites for kids.

2. Really beautiful DIY paper orchids.

3. I don't fold my sheets but just roll them up in a big bundle and put them on the top shelf of the wardrobe in the whichever room they belong. This would probably not work if I kept them in the linen cupboard as a whole shelf of messy bundles would be an eyesore, one per wardrobe is not too much in my opinion. I may, at one time, have pinned "how to fold a fitted sheet", but since then I've decided I just don't care enough to fold them. It seems I'm not the only one. In spite of my resolution not to care, I still found myself sympathetic to Doghouse Diaries take on folding fitted sheets.

4. These lollipop trees are really cute, would be fabulous for a kids party.

5. Planning a Vegetable Garden. I always intend to make and follow a plan but when it comes time I usually just push seeds in wherever I feel like at the time. Maybe this year will be different? The vegetable garden is in quite a prominent position in our new garden so I'll have to make a reasonable effort to get it looking good.


Amy said...

In the blur of feeding my firstborn, as a newborn, I was watching the Oprah show and she covered this topic with a guest - Martha Stewart. Anyway, her method for folding the fitted sheet is really easy - easier than the link, and her way of folding bath towels is really good too. I never would have thought I would have rememebred such things at that stage in my life, but I did and still use them.

Oh, and when I say I fold the fitted sheet, well, it isn't perfect or to Martha's standard, but it does mean I can fit a few other things in the linen cupboard!

alexa said...

I'm a fold-it-up-quickly and re-iron-swiftly-for-guests kinda gal. Though I might be tempted to google your link and find Amy's!