Saturday, August 11, 2012

This week's links ...

Just an ordinary day this week, we'd been for a haircut, picked up some chicken for dinner and were heading back to the car. The Boy was telling me story and his eyes lit up as he looked up with a smile on his face and I was hit in that moment with that joy that leaves you speechless ... goodness, beauty ... the feeling of rightness (is that a word?) ... it does that sometimes.

This year I committed to the 1000 Joy Dare and although there's been days and sometimes weeks where I forget to recognise the good and give thanks, I've kept going and am up to 511 good things ... there's more than that of course but these on the ones I've recorded.

The good, beauty, God ... which leads me to this week's first link ...

1. On the Praise of Beautiful Women

2. Gorgeous printable gift tags.

3. Love these party thank-yous

4. Site with heaps of free printables for kids.

5. Cursive fonts - I love using cursive fonts and there's some good ones here.

6. Hubby will be opening a foundry in Jinhua soon, so this story of one inspiring lady caught my eye, although it's tragic that she had to rescue those babies in the first place.

7. Raising successful children.

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alexa said...

Some really interesting links here, and I was very taken with those brown paper thank-yous: aren't they neat? Thank-YOU!