Monday, August 20, 2012

No one can keep going at a frantic pace forever ...


Hello Athletics after she spent Sunday in bed with a cold.

Hello Couch because she really wasn't well and flaked out as soon as she got home.

Hello Hoping she'll be OK for her music concert tomorrow. Thankfully she had her Tournament of the Minds presentation on the weekend so she can have her lunchtimes and Sunday afternoons back.

Hello Thermals pulled from the bag of ski clothes so I could make it through spectating at the athletics all day.

Hello Computer after our tech fast over the weekend.

Hello Books of the accounting variety, time to finish last year's financials.

Hello Lego Movies made by The Boy using Stop Motion Studio for iPad.

Hello Monday, inspired by Amy, originating here.


Amy said...

We are hoping to move off the couch this week - but I have to say, I was glad when the couch was included because 18hrs of sleep a couple of days in a row started to become worrying! She did well to make it to the athletics!

Love the video, a boy child of similar age is fascinated over here.

alexa said...

That's a brilliant piece of video - how clever is he! I was holding my breath that the plane would make it though the door intact!