Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What we did ... what we didn't

School is back and we did OK (by my standards) with the list.

  1. Doctor
  2. Playdates
  3. Go to NGV for the Little Girl's extension art show.
  4. Filing (very scary piles all over the study) - this I started on but haven't got very far into it.
  5. Dentist
  6. Make tim tam hedgehog
  7. Deep clean the house
  8. Orthodontist - We found out that the Little Girl's eye teeth are now growing down where they're supposed to be instead of back into her palette.  Major cutting and pulling averted by having her baby eye teeth pulled out last year ... that's a win. Braces are still on the cards but not quite yet.
  9. The Little Girl's compass expedition
  10. Haircut
  11. Little Girl's swimming comp at MSACIMG_1704
  12. Make goyoza
  13. Tennis clinic (Little Girl and The Boy)
  14. Visit the library
  15. Read lots - The Blind Assassin, City of Bones, City of Ashes and Shadow of a Dark Queen finished.
  16. Tweet review those books - coming
  17. Take the Big Girl shopping for clothes
  18. One week at Pt Lonsdale
  19. Pick the trees for the garden - we'll go out and buy some of them later this week.
  20. Make chocolate swirl buns
  21. Take the kids to spend their book vouchers.
  22. Make fried icecream (really going to do it this time)
  23. Dental X-rays (Little Girl)
  24. Make Rotisserie Chicken - I made this Sunday night for dinner because I had my sister coming over, but I didn't follow the recipe exactly. My sister was not surprised (I think I probably follow the recipe when I cook about 75% of the time.) A found it a little dry. I find that is the case in the slow cooker for roasting meats, I much prefer casseroles and curries cooked in the slow cooker. 
  25. The Big Girl's 3-D puzzle (she requested some help so we might make it a family project. - we attempted this but didn't finish and had to put it back in the box to bring home from Pt. Lonsdale.

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Amy said...

You did well Melissa. The dreaded coughs and colds hit us these holidays so we ended up being quieter than expected, not a bad thing in many respects.