Friday, July 27, 2012

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I'm pre-writing this post on Friday night because tomorrow promises to be hectic. We are having 12 of the Big Girl's friends over tomorrow night to celebrate her birthday and there is also swimming, soccer, basketball and I have my first morning of uni for this semester. I'm expecting Hubby to arrive home from China any minute now, he was very glad he only had a carry-on this trip because getting your luggage home with you from Hong Kong is a currently a dicey prospect due to the typhoon earlier in the week. I'm just glad he's going to be home.

1. 100 Best Children's Chapter Books

2. 10 Ways to Document the Olympics for Project Life

3. Free Papercraft Alphabet - looks amazing but fiddly if you're glue, scissors and folding challenged like me.

4. Smartphone Ways to Document Your Trip (or Life)

5. Love these scanned and framed children's artwork. They are pricey but I have an idea for a DIY version for our upstairs hall.

6. 20 Beautiful Weekend Project Ideas

I just set the Big Girl's alarm for 5:30am so she can get up to see the opening ceremony. I haven't decided whether to get up yet or not because I'll miss some of it anyway taking the Little Girl to swimming before I go into class. Maybe I'll just enjoy my sleep and watch it later. What about you? Did you watch the ceremony live or not?

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