Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The BIG MESS ... aka the study

A blogging friend made the comment recently that I seemed very organised, so in the interests of keeping it real here I bring you my study …


and the view of my desk.


The opened, rifled through boxes with contents spilling out are the result of me looking for stuff. When we were doing up the Big Girl's room I knew we had a photo of her doing a ski jump at Mt Hotham that I wanted to frame … of course it was in the last box of "photos and memorabilia".


It wasn't a total waste of time though, I found this gorgeous photo while I was looking through everything.


I'd forgotten I had it, so a happy surprise. Last week some of the other boxes got opened in an effort to find one of The Boy's speech reports … that hunt was not a success … I have every other report, including the girls, except the one I was looking for. 

On Monday I turned up at the parent teacher interview two days early … the Little Girl told me my interview was at 3:45pm but neglected to tell me that it was Wednesday not Monday. I've told her next time she can give me the slip that was in her diary. Of course the teacher was surprised when I said we were a bit disorganised at home, especially since the Little Girl got a principle's award not long ago for her organisational skills. I guess now the Little Girl will get even more brownie points … she's organised in spite of her mother.

Anyway, I'm going to make a bold declaration … I will fix this mess by the end of winter!

Tune in on 1st September to see how I went and if you have your own mess feel free to join me.

My next post will be about cake. Till then ...


Amy said...

Well, now you have popped my happy little bubble of disillusion!

I'm still not thoroughly convinced, anyone who makes great lists of holiday activities and crosses most of them off and can come up with weeks and weeks worth of terrific links to great websites and ideas is pretty organised in my book!

But anyway, back to that cake .....

alexa said...

Thank-you for cheering me up, and for being so courageous. most of us are hiding away behind the boxes! Looking forward to the 1st of September!