Friday, July 6, 2012

One week of holidays already gone ...

and we've been keeping busy, kind of ... the Big Girl and The Boy had a pyjama day yesterday while the Little Girl went out with a friend bowling. We've had some success with the list.

Last Saturday we had the Little Girl's artshow at the NGV (#3). Since the two youngest and Hubby were heading to the footy afterwards we parked at the MCG.


We walked along the river and stopped at the playground so The Boy could get out some of his fidgets before we hit the art gallery.

Art play playground

We arrived in plenty of time for the short talk (which was the same as last year when the Big Girl did the same program) before heading upstairs to look at the kids artwork. The Little Girl refused to pose properly with her art work for me but obviously decided she better tow the line when the headmaster requested a photo. I got him to text it to me.


 Afterwards Hubby went to meet his sister to pick up his niece who was going to the football with him and the two youngest. The Pies had a win and Hubby snapped this fabulous photo of the double rainbow.


  I headed off with the Big Girl to the city shops (#17). First we needed to fuel up.


 There were three things on our list ... converses, jeggings and a cardigan. Walking home from the train in the dark we were tired, had sore feet but we were successful (3 out of 3 purchased). Hubby's sister and two kids were at our place when we were arrives so I grabbed the keys and did a quick trip to the supermarket to pick up some supplies to make dinner with. The first couple of days this week I had to get some work done.

 Monday the Little girl had a playdate at her bestfriend's and I dropped the other two off at Hubby's work to do some scanning and shredding. Tuesday The Boy and Little girl had their tennis clinic (#13). The Boy did have one complaint ... he really wanted to play against the Little Girl so he could "thrash" her. Meanwhile the Big Girl went into work again and I went into mum and dad's to check their mail. The Little Girl came home and made Tim Tam hedgehog (#6). We increased the Tim Tams (they were on special this week if you bought three packs), using a pack of white and a pack of original (minus 3 biscuits the kids ate for afternoon tea) and keeping the rest of the recipe the same. It was a real hit ... Hubby texted me from work the next day to get me to bring some down to work when I dropped the kids off.


Tim tam hedgehog

  Wednesday was our day for appointments ... beginning at 8:15am with the doctor (#1) then the dentist (#5) then I drove over to Lower Templestowe for the Little Girl's OPG (#23). I hope her eye teeth are moving into a better position ... we'll find out at the orthodontist Monday week. The dentist also gave us the happy news that The Boy will be needing orthodontic work as well ... it seems only the Big Girl is taking after Hubby and I (neither us had braces). In the afternoon the two youngest went into work. The three of them have grand plans to buy a game for the wii ready for their week down at Pt. Lonsdale.

 I've been reading (#15). City of Ashes finished, The Blind Assassin partway through. I've been busily cleaning (#7) and should finish tomorrow but the filing (#4) is untouched.

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Tamara said...

I love your summary Melissa. As for the orthadontist....DD when for her appointment monday and found out she is ready to have hers on....lucky us....the most basic movements etc needed $7,100.ouch. then DS3 will need them.