Friday, June 29, 2012

Time for another list?

It's been a while but in honour of the first day of the school holidays ...

The Winter Holiday List (a mix of the must do, already booked and would like to do ... some for fun mixed in with an effort to get organised before second semester)

  1. Doctor
  2. Playdates
  3. Go to NGV for the Little Girl's extension art show.
  4. Filing (very scary piles all over the study)
  5. Dentist
  6. Make tim tam hedgehog
  7. Deep clean the house
  8. Orthodontist
  9. The Little Girl's compass expedition
  10. Haircut
  11. Little Girl's swimming comp at MSAC
  12. Make goyoza
  13. Tennis clinic (Little Girl and The Boy)
  14. Visit the library
  15. Read lots
  16. Tweet review those books
  17. Take the Big Girl shopping for clothes
  18. One week at Pt Lonsdale
  19. Pick the trees for the garden
  20. Make chocolate swirl buns
  21. Take the kids to spend their book vouchers.
  22. Make fried icecream (really going to do it this time)
  23. Dental X-rays (Little Girl)
  24. Make Rotisserie Chicken
  25. The Big Girl's 3-D puzzle (she requested some help so we might make it a family project.

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