Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So where were we ...

... running around after the Little Girl I think. She did a 25th in the district cross country. It was against the top ten kids from 8 schools so not a bad result. Last year she came 37th, although the longer distance (3km) and hillier course probably suited her. The conversation on the way home ...

Little Girl: Do you think I would have done better if I had have trained.
Me: That's generally how it works.
Little Girl: Maybe I'll train for the 800m in the athletics.
(I'll believe that when I see it, if she asks me I'll take her over to the oval but I'm not going to be the instigator)


She's also done her piano grade 1 and violin grade 2 exams in the last two weeks and got an A in both. She told me about the piano result this afternoon with a little smirk ... we had lots of nagging in the lead up about practice ... I think she's getting a little too cocky about it ... reminding me of her straight A record.

While on the subject of music, The Boy is finishing up piano lessons at the end of term and has begun learning the guitar ... that would be 3 years of nagging from him.


We are also slowly progressing through the list of jobs to do round the house. Hubby put up a garden shed at the side of the house which now means we can both park in the garage ... a bonus now winter is here. Also means that if Hubby is home I can still turn around in the driveway instead of reversing out into the traffic.


I started planting the vege garden. Some herbs as well as some winter veges, broad beans and peas. I'm trying once again to grow broccoli, I've never had much success but I'm determined that I will grow


Hubby and I also squeezed in time between the soccer game, sleepover pickup and basketball game on Saturday to go into Richmond and buy some stools for the breakfast bar.


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Amy said...

Broccoli is hard Melissa, and that is coming from my Dad who is a farmer ... he has had quite a bit of success with broccolini in the home garden. Never one with many words, he tells me you just have to 'watch it'!