Friday, June 22, 2012



It's confirmed ... we have a teenager in the house.


When we moved she got new furniture for her room courtesy of the grandparents (an early Christmas present) and we promised her she could get new bedlinen and do her room up for her 13th birthday. She'd had her doona since she moved from a cot to a big bed when she was two. I was keen to get rid of the notices and posters that were stuck to the walls with bluetac and also to clear the horizontal surfaces which had been overtaken by piles. We set aside the Monday of the Queen's birthday weekend to tackle the project, and it took most the day. The rule was that she could only keep what she had room for on her shelves or in her cupboards. We added in some IKEA frames for the posters, magnetic whiteboard for the notices and utilised the window sills to display some of her little treasures. The result is a room that we are both happy with, being a good balance between displaying the things she loves and not being visually overwhelming with clutter.




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Amy said...

Happy Birthday to The Big Girl!
I love her bedroom decor, we have similar colours in mind for The Nine Year Old, but with orange as an accent colour with the black, grey and white.

Somehow I don't see her as the hang out at Westfield type!