Monday, June 25, 2012

Queen's Birthday Weekend (Pt. 1)

We picked the kids up from school Friday afternoon and hit the road straight away, we were eager to leave the city behind and relax with some good friends.

Leaving town

Friday night we continued the birthday celebrations ... nachos and magnums by request.

Birthday favorite

Her choice for dessert too
 The weather was awful but we lit a fire and relaxed in the morning and as soon as the clouds broke in the afternoon we went for a walk.

Heading out


Watching the waves

On the rock

Family photo

The pier

Sea lion at the pier

We've seen sea lions three times down at Pt Lonsdale, one of those when the huge one moved in to live on the beach. The other two times have been on the pier and with these same family friends ... obviously if we want to see sea lions off the pier we need to invite these friends down.

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