Saturday, May 26, 2012

This week's links ...

I had my last class for this semester this morning. Darrell Guder came to talk about Missional Church which was a real privledge. It was a shame that I also handed in my final assessment at today's class ... on Missional Church. The subject this semester was Holistic Mission ... great subject ... but I'm glad to be finished. Being so busy getting on top of the new job I didn't really have a heap of time leftover and seemed to lurch from one deadline to the next ... whether work of uni, often with both at the same time. I now have nearly two months to pull my self together before I start my next unit.

Anyway on to some links ...

1. DIY concrete planters

2. Free download - Project Life journaling cards. ... the article's worth reading as well.

Not much this week. I'm sure you'll understand, this week was one of my double deadline weeks.

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cate behind the purple door said...

I love Karen Grunberg, she has such wise words! Hope you enjoy the breathing space of your next two months.