Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The one where I go shopping ...

But first things first. Mother's day came early this year. Some idle words in response to an advertisement for McMuffins resulted in an early morning (6:45am on a Sunday) for homemade McMuffins ...

Props to Hubby for listening to my idle chatter, remembering it, shopping for ingredients and making it all himself ... no props to the kids for the sink full a dirty dishes that I washed. Early morning wakeup was necessitated by the taxi arriving at 7:15am.


Normally he flies out earlier and the goodbyes are said the night before but this time he was starting his trip with a visit to my sister in Singapore. Round out the day with extended chatting after church, cross country course look see in suitably cold weather, multiple trips to and from church for Big Girl's small group and a scrumptious end of the day with Spanish Chicken shared with my other sister.

We celebrated the Little Girls' 7th place in the cross country ... which earns her a spot in the school team ...


and nursing the Little Boy's cold which invariably leads to broken sleep due to his asthma. Two days off school but he went back today and that was good.

I've been reading Introducing the Missional Church; Missional Church in Perspective; Missional Church; Missional: joining God in the neighbourhood; The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the missional church ... it's essay writing time.


Today was the day for rectifying the dire state of the Big Girl's wardrobe (consists of shorts, T-shirts and trackies ... and luckily a thick warm coat and two polar fleeces) and The Boy's (severe shortage of pants without holes in the knees). The Big Girl is not easiest to shop for but I didn't have a huge block of time to take her on the weekend so I took a punt and out of the leggings, jeans, long sleeve T-shirt and cardie ... there were two winners.


The aversion to jeans is overcome by her love of electric blue. Will attempt to drop back and return the rejects and try to get a pair of shoes ... the weather looks like changing and thongs really don't meet the requirements. The Boy is a lot easier although I was a bit unsure of the size ... it felt a bit ridiculous getting size 6 clothes for him but my judgement turned out to be pretty spot on ... just enough, but not too much extra length. I have laid down the law ... he is not to leave the house wearing pants with holes in them ... he wanted to know why.

I haven't yet decided whether to follow Masterchef or The Block, at the moment I'm juggling between the two, any preferences?

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Amy said...

Masterchef, but not yet - it's too early and I don't think I can follow them for that long!

I am quite enjoying The Voice - I am not usually drawn to the singing and dancing shows!