Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Round here lately ...

The kids have a new game ...


We finished setting up the upstairs study area for the kids. I decided to bring in some fun colour with the chairs. If you're interested it's all IKEA. We've moved two old laptops of Hubby's up there now and it's been a hit, getting used every day so far.

The Little girl and I indulged at the Langdon. Mother/daughter high tea with her classmates ... the Little Girl's favourite was the chocolate fountain.

Plus lots of nagging about violin practice and tomorrow I get to man a checkpoint at the district cross country for Little Girl. I've been feeding the Little Girl up ... she had an hour of swimming tonight (Butterfly was the featured stroke today), then the 3km cross country tomorrow afternoon followed by a 1.5hr swimming squad session (featuring butterfly again) after school. I did get to address my own sporting interests earlier in the week with a win in our night tennis semi ... grand final is next week.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

This week's links ...

I had my last class for this semester this morning. Darrell Guder came to talk about Missional Church which was a real privledge. It was a shame that I also handed in my final assessment at today's class ... on Missional Church. The subject this semester was Holistic Mission ... great subject ... but I'm glad to be finished. Being so busy getting on top of the new job I didn't really have a heap of time leftover and seemed to lurch from one deadline to the next ... whether work of uni, often with both at the same time. I now have nearly two months to pull my self together before I start my next unit.

Anyway on to some links ...

1. DIY concrete planters

2. Free download - Project Life journaling cards. ... the article's worth reading as well.

Not much this week. I'm sure you'll understand, this week was one of my double deadline weeks.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

This week's links ...

1. I made some chocolate gooey butter cookies this week. Once again substituting the packet cake mix with my trusty homemade stand in. I think I like the plain gooey butter cookies myself but the kids prefer anything that's chocolate.

2. Really great list of handmade gifts.

3. Happy Mum Manifesto

Saturday, May 12, 2012

This week's links ...

1. We need to start putting some stuff on the walls and especially in the kids rooms I'd like to do some groupings so these tips may come in handy ... or this how to hang art in groups ... or this one uses wax paper to get it right. If you have a gallery wall at home. Link me up in the comments, I'd love some extra inspiration.

2. Digiscrap free template from Donna Duncombe.

3. One Thousand Mum's Project ... thank your mum. (it's actually mom's but I don't do mom)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The one where I go shopping ...

But first things first. Mother's day came early this year. Some idle words in response to an advertisement for McMuffins resulted in an early morning (6:45am on a Sunday) for homemade McMuffins ...

Props to Hubby for listening to my idle chatter, remembering it, shopping for ingredients and making it all himself ... no props to the kids for the sink full a dirty dishes that I washed. Early morning wakeup was necessitated by the taxi arriving at 7:15am.


Normally he flies out earlier and the goodbyes are said the night before but this time he was starting his trip with a visit to my sister in Singapore. Round out the day with extended chatting after church, cross country course look see in suitably cold weather, multiple trips to and from church for Big Girl's small group and a scrumptious end of the day with Spanish Chicken shared with my other sister.

We celebrated the Little Girls' 7th place in the cross country ... which earns her a spot in the school team ...


and nursing the Little Boy's cold which invariably leads to broken sleep due to his asthma. Two days off school but he went back today and that was good.

I've been reading Introducing the Missional Church; Missional Church in Perspective; Missional Church; Missional: joining God in the neighbourhood; The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the missional church ... it's essay writing time.


Today was the day for rectifying the dire state of the Big Girl's wardrobe (consists of shorts, T-shirts and trackies ... and luckily a thick warm coat and two polar fleeces) and The Boy's (severe shortage of pants without holes in the knees). The Big Girl is not easiest to shop for but I didn't have a huge block of time to take her on the weekend so I took a punt and out of the leggings, jeans, long sleeve T-shirt and cardie ... there were two winners.


The aversion to jeans is overcome by her love of electric blue. Will attempt to drop back and return the rejects and try to get a pair of shoes ... the weather looks like changing and thongs really don't meet the requirements. The Boy is a lot easier although I was a bit unsure of the size ... it felt a bit ridiculous getting size 6 clothes for him but my judgement turned out to be pretty spot on ... just enough, but not too much extra length. I have laid down the law ... he is not to leave the house wearing pants with holes in them ... he wanted to know why.

I haven't yet decided whether to follow Masterchef or The Block, at the moment I'm juggling between the two, any preferences?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

This week's links ...

1. I made german chocolate cake bars this week. The Boy has been sneaking chocchips out of the cupboard so we grabbed the last dregs from the jar, some white chips and some sultanas. They were yum but I think next time I'll make more of the condensed milk topping for the top ... it was a little thin. Oh, and I don't do packet cake so I used this mix instead.

2. Why Church Control Must be Crucified

and 3. The losers who keep on winning

4. Overwhelmed? Tips for getting back

5. DHD blog hop if you'd like a big fee kit and lots of tips.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Catch up

I had a complaint about the lack of posting lately ... in my defence multiple deadlines meant I had to choose between cooking and blogging and as I explained by return email ... there would have been mutiny on the decks if I'd dropped the former. I think I may be crawling out from under the mountain (I'll ignore the piles all over the study for now), plus it's Friday night ... so here's a very quick update on our recent going on.


Soccer season has started, The Boy and Little Girl played two matches and are currently top of the ladder. The Boy plays goalie for some of the match and first game saved a penalty ... I couldn't watch. and basketball. She scored a goal in her first match.


Making ANZAC cookies on ANZAC Day.


Lots of music practice ... she has piano and violin exams in June. She competed as part of her school's string orchestra in a competition and the came second, winning $75 for the school. She's been picked to be in the chamber strings as well.


The Boy spoke at his school assembly. He was very excited and rushed home to write a script on the computer in case he forgot his line.


 Not the most ready friendly choice of text style. He ended up having an extra line and his teacher provided him with a script.

 Lots of play for them.


and The Boy has started wearing a tie. I tied it the first morning for him and 10mins later found him up in his room, tie off and tears in his eyes ... he wanted to tie it himself. I sat down behind him and retied it to show him and he immediately went to untie it. I promptly put a stop to that. We needed to leave for school. He untied it a couple of times at school ... the first his teacher retied it and the second he finally got the hang of it. Now every morning he ties it himself and pretty much as soon as he gets in the car he takes it off.


It's another busy weekend with youth group, soccer, basketball, dinner tonite, The Big Girl out to dinner with the grandparents to celebrate her birthday and Hubby off to China again.