Monday, April 16, 2012

Last day of the school holidays ...

It's been a good one. We didn't do anything extraordinary. I had work and study that needed doing ...


not to mention an attempt to rein in the chaos. I was pleased to take a breather from the constant activity that was first term and to be honest contrary to other holidays I'm not breathing a sigh of relief at the start of the new term, if anything my feelings are tending towards the negative. Some holidays the kids seem to be at each other's throats, fighting, arguing and when that's not the case they're at my side whinging. Not this time. A strict enforcement of a maximum of 1hr of screen time a day may have had something to do with it. Did I say it's been a good holiday?

There's been relaxed mornings with a two week lego world building project.


I've had helpers, they've basically taken over the kitchen clean-up (I follow after with bench wiping and stove cleaning), as well as doing other odd jobs that pop up.


We spent some time down at mum and dad's beach house.





New games were invented.



My lack of enthusiasm for the start of term may also be due to the schedule for tomorrow night after school.

4pm Parent teacher interviews
5:30-6:30pm Soccer training for The Boy and Little Girl
7-8pm Basketball training for The Big Girl
8-10pm Small group (at my house)

Oh and Hubby is overseas. Crazy, right?

Today the plan is to make sure food is in the house, tidy up and make sure we have everything ready for the new term ... that's the plan ...


better start implementing it before the kids destroy the one room in the house that was actually tidy (apart from our bedroom which is out of bounds for destroying)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

This weeks links ...

It's good to sit and relax after a busy day. Four hours of uni this morning then we went out and bought a car ... anyway here's some reading/inspiration from around the web ...

1. We have been getting eggplants each week in our CERES Fair Food box so this week I decided to make  Moussaka.

2. I've also been making this classic sandwich bread.

3. What is it about cream cheese that makes whatever it touches extra scrumptious? I made and took a Chocolate Orange Cream Cheese Pound Cake when I was rostered on for supper at night tennis.

4. On sinking ships, hope and ... Keep Playing.

5. Got nothing to write? ... I statements challenge

6. Very cool DIY stencil pillow (via Pip)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project LIfe: Week 11

Very late with this but here goes ... this week includes March 12 on the 12th.

PL11A 12on12Mar

Grey BG Paper: Emily Powers and Paislee Press collab Everyday Ordinary (Oscraps)
Striped patterned paper: Emily Merrit and Tiff Brady Sports Mania (retired I think)
Date Stamp: Biograffiti Month Stamps Clean (Oscraps)
Papers: TracyAnn Designs Zany Painted retired.
Journaling Block: Ali Edwards Title and Journal Blocks #1 (Designer Digitals)
Fonts: Impact, American Typewriter

More to come soon ...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

This week's links ...

1. Alexa has a free digital page template up on her blog. You can see what she did with it here.

2. ... and another free template by Donna Duncombe.

3. Taking Offense  "A major stumbling block for those who reject Christianity is those parts of the Bible which seem to justify actions that we consider to be culturally backward, confusing, and irrelevant or, even worse, immoral."

4.  Sauces are a good way to liven up my dinner while keeping the kids meals plain. Top 11 sauces by Jules @ Stonesoup

5. 75 Kids Activities

6. The Grand Multi-Color Story "Ok, these stories originate in our minds… but the question still begs itself: why? Why does the human mind keep producing these stories? Why are myths everywhere, and why are they so similar? What do these archetypes point to?"

7. Free journal cards perfect for PL.

8. Most profitable plants for your veggie garden.

9. I saw these on Pinterest ... not great for winter ... but ... Ice cream Scoop on a Stick

10. 30 Pantry Staples to Make from scratch.

and if you are wondering how my yoghurt went pretty good, but I think I still need some practice and I'm also going to try making some sweet yoghurt for the kids. I'm going to do some experimenting and I'll let you know when I'm done.