Saturday, February 18, 2012

This week's links ...

Still working out what this year's blogging will look like. I'm not sure what I will have time for ... we are still trying to get used to new routines, I have looming work deadlines, camps coming up to make sure the kids are ready for and I haven't even started back at uni yet. Let's just say that at the moment the balls are up in the air but they're not staying there. A case in point ... last Thursday I was woken up by a text at 6:35am from a friend checking if we were still taking their daughter to diving. My daughter was still in bed and they needed to be at diving training by 7am ... I think she probably got the shock of her life when crazy mummy came in and woke her. Anyway as I was saying, I'm unsure what will be happening on the blog but my plan at the moment is to at least continue my weekly links posts and Project Life Tuesdays. So here we are ...

1. The first link is may be especially relevant given the above ... Patience and Cells (Momastery) - "Love your neighbor as yourself. This implies that you’re taking pretty darn good care of your own self, no? I mean - unless God meant that we should ignore our neighbors needs and run them ragged. Probably not."

2. I see a pattern emerging ... overload at sleepy time girl. Managing digital overload.

3. A new sketch over at the SAG blog.

4. Organising the lego instructions. When I did ours a couple of years ago I started with display folders but they dropped them and the pages came out but my biggest mistake ... not putting one page per pocket. Was I really deluded enough to think they would put the instructions back in the pocket when they'd finished with them. This is what I'll be doing if I ever get the time ... or I will get the page protectors and put the kids to work.

I also made some yummy, yummy, yummy biscuits last weekend but I didn't follow the recipe I pinned so I'll do a post later with my recipe.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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Amy said...

We are 'freestyle' lego people over here .. use the instructions once and then make up whatever you like from then on out! I cannot see myself categorising the instructions - even though I think it is a good idea.

Now, as for digital overload ... perhaps I should remove myself from a screen right now!