Saturday, February 11, 2012

This weeks links

1.  We don't really do much of the valentine thing but these cute and free printables are tempting.

2. Love You and Love Wins free printables by Ali Edwards.

3. How to Store Fresh Produce

4. A fresh use for paper bags at Momastery.

5. Man Seeks (Straightforward) God - "Indeed, if truth really is something that exists outside and independent of human minds and hearts, then perhaps the first question to ask—for Nones and for all the rest of us—is not, “what works?” or “what seems to make the most sense to me?” or “what do I prefer?” but “what is true and how do I align myself with it?”"

6.  Is That Fair? - " I don’t believe that “fair” means everyone gets the same thing. To me, “fair” means everybody gets what they need."

7. "Woe to the Rich" - "Often, it seems, those Christians who attack homosexuality frame things primarily around morality. This is sometimes called legalism, or pseudo-pietism, or Pelagianism. But while Jesus Christ did talk about morality quite a bit, He spent far, far more time talking about something else: namely, Himself. To discuss morality at the start of a conversation about Christianity is to have already missed the point."

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