Wednesday, February 8, 2012

School's started


Last week was all about getting back into our "normal"routines. The Big Girl started high school on Wednesday. She was a bit nervous but had a really positive start apart from losing her diary on the second day. The Little Girl was back at swimming this week on Tuesday and Thursday nights and she started back at school on Thursday. She was chomping at the bit, asking me a few times on Thursday morning whether we could go to school yet. The Boy had a visit on Thursday to his classroom with his OT and teacher before starting on Friday. He had a great day so by Friday afternoon it was smiles all round.

Our weekend schedule was youth group for the Big Girl Friday night and Sunday afternoon, a birthday party for Little Girl and The Boy on Saturday afternoon then dinner tonite for Hubby, The Boy and Little Girl while I went to a small group leaders night, church Sunday morning.

We also fitted in a applying the second coat of stain to the deck ...


almost putting the basketball ring together. (we were going to finish it Sunday but the wind was so bad we stayed inside)


A sleepover for the kids in the fort they made in the activity room.



Bottling 14 bottles of white peaches.



Angie said...

mm those peaches look delicious!

Tamara said...

Love the sleep over. My children do that sort of thing too. Isn't is great when children love school. I hope you lot all have a great year.