Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Month in Numbers: January

AS I said earlier, I'm going to be sprinkling my monthly numbers throughout my project life pages so some of you may have seen some of these already but I'll continue to summarise them here on the blog as well.

41 = our top temperature on 2nd January. A hot start to January that didn't keep on keeping on. The temperature kept rising after I snapped this photo as it hit the 40C mark.


38 = the number of hours between beds on our trip to Whistler. We woke at 4am Melbourne time on the Sunday and went to bed at 9pm Sunday at Whistler, crossing the date line in the process. I was putting the video together in imovie and I used a animated globe to show the plane flight, gee it's a long way.


-22C = the coldest day we had while at Whistler. That's the highest temperature reached that day and it also happened to be the coldest day at Whistler this season. Wind chill bought it down to -35C. Hand warmers, foot warmers, multiple layers and no exposed skin was the order of the day. Plus I refused to ride any lifts, confining myself to runs off the gondola and went in after each run to warm up. One girl in the Little Girl's ski group got frostbite on her cheeks and had to go home.


1175m = the vertical distance from the round house to the village ... it's about another 400m from the peak to round house. Compared to the vertical drop at Falls Creek which I think from memory is about 400m in total I don't feel quite so slack that some days we only did three runs. This is also the drop of The Boy's first adventure snow boarding outside of ski class.


2 = the number of coffees I had in the 15days I was away. One while we waited in vain for the lines to diminish on the Saturday morning at Whistler and one at Vancouver airport. Both came from Starbucks ... a first for me ... one was a mocha, also a first, I usually stick to lattes but it was pretty good.


10 - the number of days The Boy did in snow board school. The rest of us had a day off but I said no way was he going to miss one or he's be climbing the walls ... still not sure how he's going to go settling back into school this week.


6 = the number of braids the girls got done in Fiji adding up to a total of 12. They had to go back to school in a couple of days so I didn't want them getting their whole head done.




Amy said...

I cannot comprehend temperatures that low!
The Boy did a great job with all of the snowboarding ... I have to say, they return to school is also worrying for me, mine are going to have swimming withdrawal!

Nanna Kate said...

What a fab month! You look like you had a great time. Snowboarding? How cool is that? Hope you join in next month! X

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Melissa.

There's certainly a big contrast between the snowy pictures and the ones of Fiji! and I know where I'd prefer to be today.

Thanks for joining in nce again, your post is on the Month in Numbers board now:

Happy February!

Julie :-)

alexa said...

What a range of temperatures! Such an interesting post, seeing what you have all been doing. The braids are lovely - are they still in?