Monday, January 30, 2012

We're home ...

but I've got a few more photos to share from our last day. Hubby by this time had was back on skis so we could ski together.


He went to pick up The Boy while the girls and I had a final try at finding the Little Girl's elusive tree run. No luck ... she did manage to find where she came out of the trees ... Big Girl and I pointed out that that was not much good. Little Girl didn't let the lack of success dampen her mood.


We skied down to the village and arrived at the GLC just in time to tuck into the big plate of nachos the boys had ordered. Afterwards we took The Boy up to the Roundhouse ... he hadn't made it up there yet.


The Big Girl had hurt her knee in a fall earlier (nothing serious) and Hubby was finding the long runs hard on his legs so they caught the gondola down while I took the other two for a ski. The Boy boarded all the way down. I was really impressed he had no difficulties getting down and knew exactly what he was doing. That's 1175 vertical metres.


On the way home we stopped in Fiji. We were originally going straight through but our flights were changed and we were going to be sitting for 12 hours in the airport so we changed our final home leg to the following day and got almost two full days at ShangriLa resort ... pity the airline wouldn't let us make the layover any longer ... the kids loved it.



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Amy said...

Before I saw the last two photos I was going to say that the weather change would be a shock ... but it looks as though you have all reacclimatised very nicely!