Thursday, January 12, 2012

The plan ...

yes I have one ... well maybe a few ... but specifically a plan for memory keeping this year. Last year I completed three photobooks and I really want to get more of our photos and stories printed into books this year. I would really love to have a general family yearbook but haven't managed it yet ... although I've got a few years in progress. Looking at all the project life albums around I decided this would be the perfect format to get the range of stories that occur throughout the year into books but there's no way I want to have the number of huge albums that would result hanging around the house ... plus I might need to use glue and scissors. Then I saw the digital version and decided that would be perfect for me. So my plan is to:

1. Briefly cover the major and minor stories of our family this year in a project life format to be printed as a photobook with each week represented by one to two pages maximum.

2. Intersperse these pages with layouts that either are more elaborate and showcase a longer story or a favourite photo or cover an event in more detail (not too many of these).

3. I seriously considered doing an iphone P365+1 this year in an effort to both document our lives and improve my iphone photography but then decided against it. Instead I've decided to do 12 on the 12th using the hipstamatic app on my iphone. It was toss up between 10 on 10 and 12 on 12 but I went with 12 because then the photos will fit into a 4x3 grid. These will go into my project life on their own page.

4. I will also keep doing my month in numbers blog posts and I will incorporate these numbers into the journalling on my normal project life pages.

5. Supplement this book with smaller albums detailing either holidays or special events. For instance I am currently working on a photobook called Hot and Cold which will be the story of our summer holidays from boxing day until the end of January.

6. I am doing the kids albums in hybrid mode so that I have a place to put certificates and other bits and pieces along with a selection of photos and stories. Hmmm ... guess I will be using glue and scissors after all.

So my schedule will be for the weeks to run Monday-Sunday (except the first week which is Sunday to Sunday) and I'll be working on the layouts during the following week before showing them on the blog on the next Monday. This year I'm just going to do it and avoid second guessing every. little. thing.


cate said...

sounds like a great plan!

alexa said...

Keeping everything together makes life simpler - this time last year I was pondering the size/weight issues of scrapbooking too, before coming to a similar conclusion! Looking forward to seeing how it all grows...

Amy said...

The size/weight issue is my biggest dilemma, two days ago I filled my wishlist at Blue Bazaar with all the divided page protectors ready to make a hybrid PL. I had even devised a cunning plan that would include NO glue and only a little trimming here and there. Today I start reading blogs again and you have reaffirmed that I am trying make things easier and simpler and smaller ... sigh!

By the way ... have you had ANY summer? We have had a week of super hot and the last four or five days we've needed the heater and nearly lit the fire! So much for swimmimg!