Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Whistler ...

well I did go on the Peak to Peak on Wednesday but it was -22C with a windchill of -35C and when we saw conditions on Blackcombe we stayed on the car and came straight back to Whistler.


It may have been just as cold but at least we could get some skiing in without riding any lifts. The ski school was not allowing any kids to ski without hand warmers and they were not to use lifts. I thought that was pretty good policy. We managed three runs from round house down to the village with a break to warm up between each one which filled in the bulk of the day. This was the coldest day at Whistler this season. The Big Girl still wasn't feeling well so Hubby stayed home with her.

Thursday was forecast to be -17C, which it was in the village but it was -8C up on the peak. Huibby walked out, saw the beautiful day and got me a ticket for a ski lesson. He rang me at 9:25am to tell me that the lesson started at 9:45am. I quickly got my ski gear on and was heading downstairs when he rang to let me know that the lesson started from up at the roundhouse ... a 17min gondala ride from the village. Luckily the groups do a warm up run first and I picked up a group as they came round after their first run. It was a gorgeous day and I got to travel over a good portion of the mountain ... even riding the Peak Express, on which you need to be ready to lift the bar and get off just after it clears the final cliff.


Friday I took the Big Girl out to ski for the day. She was feeling a bit better but I wasn't sure whether she would have the stamina to get through a day of ski school. The other went to ski lessons. THe ski camp finished on Friday and awards and progress cards were given out. The Big Girl got the Miss Invisible Award because she was hardly there. Little Girl probably had the best time she's had at ski school. Instead of tears and crying she was excited to go eery morning and bursting to tell us about her day when we picked her up. She got the Most Ladylike Award because her instructor kept telling her to be more aggressive and attack the bumps but she wouldn't.

Today was almost warm ... -2C but windy.


With a big dump of new snow overnight, the top of the mountain closed and a weekend crowd the lift lines were huge. We managed three runs from round house down to the village, although with the moguls on the final run I don't think my legs would have stood up to much more.


The Big Girl tried snow boarding today and Hubby and The Boy continued with their lessons. Hubby is now able to do normal runs so we'll be able to go together a little bit now ... although I'll avoid riding the lift with him for a while yet.

We've also been enjoying the food, including so far, Teppanyaki, caramel apples, huge slices of chocolate mousse cake, meat fondue and crepes.


Finally a little taste of the lights at night, taken with my iphone. I plan to go out sometime in the next few nights now that it's not quite so cold and get some photographs with my DSLR.


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alexa said...

Sorry to hear your daughter has not been well ... looks as if you have all packed in loads of activity! Super photos too.