Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guess where we are now ...




... Whistler!!

It was a bit of a trek to get here. We flew on points and had a 4am wakeup Sunday morning to catch our 7am flight from Melbourne-Brisbane-LA-Vancouver. Hubby was already in Canada on work so he met us at the Vancouver airport. He was late because he slept in, waking up at 12:40pm ... our plane arrived at 12:30pm.  Then a bus ride to Whistler past beautiful scenery which I just managed to keep my eyes open enough to appreciate.


We arrived in Whistler at 4pm and got kitted out for skiing before dinner and bed. From bed to bed was 47 hours.

Monday morning the kids were booked into the 5 day ski camp. I was waiting with the girls to sign them in when the Big Girl said she felt sick. She often gets a sore tummy when she gets anxious so I said don't worry you'll be alright ... you're skiing. A couple minuted later she looked at me and she said "I really think I'm going to be sick". The look in her eye told me this was serious so I quickly whipped off her helmet and her head cover which covers their lower face including their mouth. As soon as I got it off she leaned over and vomited. I took her home with me and the Little Girl stayed for the day. Little Girl's instructor said not to worry he would reserve a place for the Big Girl in his class.

We had a rest in the room then ventured out to find some lunch. The Big Girl was feeling a bit better so we did a couple of runs before the lifts closed for the day. The other two kids had a great day. The Boy has decided to switch to snowboarding and he seems to be picking it up fairly quickly and he's loving it. He's also been trying to organise a play with his new friend from his class. There's only two of them and the other boy is staying in the same place we are.

This morning Big Girl got off okay but I'd just completed a few runs and was back in the room warming up (it was -14C today which was an improvement on the -22C forecast) when I got a phone call to pick her up because she'd been sick. The good news is that she's kept down her dinner tonight and her instructor said she was skiing well and enjoying herself. We've told her not to have the hot chocolate for morning tea tomorrow because it was after that that she started to feel sick.

Hubby has changed to snowboarding and has been having lessons the last two days, progressing up two levels. We're hoping after tomorrow he could come further up the mountain for some more difficult runs. As for me I haven't done a heap of skiing. The first day my toe was killing me (I'd lost the nail Saturday night before we left. It turned black after our skiing in July) so I got a bigger size boot and today was much better. Looks like tomorrow I will be catching the Peak to Peak to explore further afield with friends.


NB. Probably not a good idea to remove your gloves off to take photos when it's -14C ... it's very hard to warm them back up again.

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