Thursday, January 26, 2012

The day we went to Blackcombe

You would think by the title that going to Blackcombe is a big trek ... but no it's just a short gondola ride from either Whistler village or the round house. The Little girl had been across one day during ski camp but it was a first for the Big Girl and I. We chose to go from the village on Monday morning and as it turned out, this was probably a good choice ... of course we didn't realise what a good choice until much later in the day when we ventured higher up the mountain. Anyway, back to the story ... on Monday morning we caught the Blackcombe Excalibur gondola. This is after the first stop at Blackcombe village looking back down.




Once at the top of the gondola we caught the Excelerator Express. From there there was a good selection of blue runs to try, all quite bumpy with the fresh cover of snow. We skied all the way down to the base before catching the Wizard express for a couple more runs.


There really was a nice thick cover of new snow which caught all three of us out at different times. Luckily falling in this soft stuff is like rolling in foam. If you look closely you'll see the Big Girl camouflaged against the trees with her skis buried in the snow. You can see this was before the Little Girl detoured off into deeper snow at the edge of a run and went head first in.


We had planned to meet Hubby over at Whistler village so we decided to catch the Solar Express up to Rendezvous to catch the Peak to Peak. It was really windy and awful on the chair. The gondola while at least not being exposed to the wind was still not warm. Once back on Whistler at the round house we still needed to get back to the village and the fastest way down is to ski so we set off. We were almost at Olympic Station when I pulled up next to the Little girl and she burst into tears because her hands were so cold they hurt ... my hands weren't feeling too good either. We just had to keep going because standing there wasn't helping and I promised her we would download at Olympic Station. The Big Girl was waiting there for us with red-rimmed eyes because she felt sick again. I picked up the Little Girl's skis and lugged hers and mine into the gondala and started to try to warm my hands up too. As they warmed up I wasn't sure, with the combination of painful hands, a cold and overheating in the enclosed place whether I was going to faint or vomit. Luckily I did neither and the blast of cold air at the bottom revitalised us all.

We all went up to have a rest in the room before Hubby came home. He'd seen the snow and after doing one very slow run on his snowboard he swapped it for some skis and took a ski lesson. After relaxing and filling up on some yummy food we just never did get around to going back out again.

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